Child sex tourism concerns in Victoria Falls

By Norma Tsopo The influx of tourists to Victoria Falls has the nation bubbling with pride at the hypnotic pull of the majestic and picturesque water drop. But there is need for caution even in the joy of celebrating this natural wonder as it revered by all humanity. Where good abound – the ugly and … Continue reading Child sex tourism concerns in Victoria Falls


Political certainty boosts tourism

By Norma Tsopo Political uncertainty has been hindering Zimbabwean tourism for years on end and the new administration need to resolve any political squabbling and create more peaceful conditions to make the country attractive to holidaymakers. The current political environment is however promising to put all this behind and encourage tourists to consider the southern … Continue reading Political certainty boosts tourism

The Boma’s enchanted cultural feasts

By Nason Mutambaneshiri VICTORIA FALLS -  The Boma - Place of Eating, located on the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Resort, is serving enchanted cultural feasts that have diners pledging to return for more. Its feasts of nightly cultural entertainment dining experiences, in particular, offer an unforgettable unique voyage into African tradition and Zimbabwean cuisine. Dinners … Continue reading The Boma’s enchanted cultural feasts