Hoteliers pray for travel risk downgrade

By Norma Tsopo Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) is praying for a downgrade in the risk premium of travelling to the southern African country as it eagerly anticipates a return of self-drive international tourists. HAZ vice president Clive Chinwada told maDzimbahwe Explorer the controversial land seizures had resulted in Zimbabwe been deemed unsafe, effectively killing … Continue reading Hoteliers pray for travel risk downgrade


Cost of living behind skills flight

By Norma Tsopo Zimbabwe’s high cost of living has been pushing skilled labour out of the country to take up jobs elsewhere despite earning similar salaries with lower cost of living holding the attractions. Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) President Innocent Manyera said the massive brain drain that has robbed the hospitality industry of skilled … Continue reading Cost of living behind skills flight

Police battering Zimbabwe’s image

By Norma Tsopo MUTARE – Pervasive police check-points are causing tourism industry players persistent headaches in their efforts to package Zimbabwe as an attractive tourist destination. A national branding consultative meeting roundly accused them for relentlessly seeking to fleece motorists thereby becoming a liability in the country’s tourism brand image building efforts. Police came under … Continue reading Police battering Zimbabwe’s image

Shorter holiday-breaks place urgency on airport needs

By Norma Tsopo MUTARE - Local hoteliers are challenging government to help shorten time between tourist destinations by demilitarizing Grand Reef airport just outside the eastern border city of Mutare. The eastern highlands is only currently only accessible by road in spite of its rich portfolio of world class destinations. This has rendered it inaccessible … Continue reading Shorter holiday-breaks place urgency on airport needs