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MaDzimbahwe Explorer Inaugural E-magazine

MaDzimbahwe Explorer has introduced an e-magazine to enhance its capacity to reach a critical audience that is on internet-based platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook who did not necessarily have access to the website. Continue reading MaDzimbahwe Explorer Inaugural E-magazine


Govt to construct Mutare airport

By Norma Tsopo

Government has finally heeded calls to construct an airport for Mutare which is expected to link the eastern highlands with other world famous tourist destinations across the country. Continue reading Govt to construct Mutare airport

Holiday Inn Mutare – a jewel in Mutare’s crown

By Norma Tsopo

Sheltered against the mountain ridge of Cecil Kop and a strew of mountains, hillocks and ridges that form the periphery of the Bvumba Mountains – Mutare lies in a verdant valley with an undisputed claim to being the most picturesque city in the country. Continue reading Holiday Inn Mutare – a jewel in Mutare’s crown