Foresters’ Bar – classy and trendy

Staff Writer

MUTARE – Beyond the hotel’s diverse guests – Cubicle escapees and suited execs with loosened ties are the staple clientele of Holiday Inn’s Foresters Bar.

Offering a smoking free environment and with a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails the bar is a perfect relaxing hub for everyone.

Forester Bar
Holiday Inn Mutare’s Foresters Bar

It is conveniently located near the reception area and the elevators for the convenience of guests.

A tipsy offspring of corporate culture, the bar offers a cozy lounge where guests can recline while watching television and a more traditional bar setup where patrons have an opportunity to line the bar counter on padded wooden bar stools.

Mahogany paneling project a classic interior décor and a 1980s stateliness that will daze and sooth patrons.

It has a renowned wine list and elegant cocktails as well as solid non-alcoholic drink menu.

The bar is managed in a deliberate way to allow for its clientele to engage in productive discussions while enjoying the informalities of a public place. The balance is delicate but spot-on with the trendy Holiday Inn bar.


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